What Can't the 2015 Honda Fit Do?

After seeing that video, we're forced to wonder if there's anything the 2015 Honda Fit can't do for Kansas City, MO families. Well, it can't see the future so I guess that's one thing. But, as far as hatchbacks go, the redesigned Fit is ready to dominate your daily drive.

The 2015 Fit is fun to drive if you're scooting around town or darting down the interstate. With its available CVT, the Fit manages to deliver improved performance and fuel economy to boot. Additionally, the Fit's insanely versatile interior is the perfect solution to all your road trip requirements. As a matter of fact, Fit's nifty magic seat can be folded in multiple directions so you can fit in all your gear. The hatchback also offers standard Bluetooth and a rearview camera that adds a much-needed dose of convenience to your trip.

Now, if you're ready to find a #fitforyou, come down to Lee's Summit Honda in Summit, MO to speak to our staff about a test drive.

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