The Million Dollar Baby is the Million Mile Accord

There is a standard of excellence that belongs to Honda alone. Over the decades, vehicles bearing an H badge have soldiered on to 100,000 miles and beyond, much to the content of happy Honda Owners.  There is even a Honda Mile Makers Club online, with five levels of membership based on the mileage of the car. The top two spots are the lone members of the diamond tier, and both are 1990s models of the Honda Accord. Here at Lee's Summit Honda, we know of no better testament to the quality and durability of this car than actual proof still on the road.

The difference is clear, but the success lies in the careful maintenance over the life of the car as well as the initial attention to detail in the engineering of the car.

Whether you get behind the wheel of the classic Accord or opt for the sporty Honda CR-Z of the video above, you can do no wrong. Come take a test drive today at our dealership in Lees Summit, MO.

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