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Get all of the information you would normally get on the showroom floor within your phone or desktop in seconds!  Life gets busy, but we still need cars to get us around so if you want to save money and a lot of time, then try out the EXPRESS PASS!

Our General Manager Karanne Benton Will Walk You Through It!

The Express Pass at Lee's Summit Honda Simplifies the Car Buying Process

The Express Pass provides you with all the online tools you need to find the perfect vehicle at Lee's Summit Honda. These tools help you with almost all the financial aspects of your vehicle purchase, before setting foot in the dealership! Everything from getting the value for your trade-in, to choosing a protection plan, can be done online. Thus, providing you the quickest way of purchasing a vehicle that fits your needs and budget. With the Express Pass program, you will spend less than 90 minutes in our dealership, guaranteed!  If we have everything in place prior to your visit, and we go over on time, we'll make your first payment of up to $500! We look forward to hearing from you soon, so that we can answer your questions and help you move forward with ease.

What You'll Get From Lee's Summit Honda:

  • Test drive, and out of business office in 90 minutes
  • Car gassed and cleaned when you arrive
  • All paperwork ready to go
  • The Lee's Summit Honda Family Smiling and ready for you
  • All owner's manuals and extra keys ready for you, product specialist to go over this with you
  • Full vehicle personalization, completed by your product specialist while you complete your paperwork. 
  • A competitive price and a no hassle, efficient process

What We'll Need You To Provide:

  • An appointment time between 10-4 Monday-Friday
  • Driver's License and Insurance for all parties scanned to us
  • Your fully completed credit application (if financing or leasing) including any additional personal information required by the lender.
  • All trade information (Title/registration) and applicable pay off information
  • Completed Titling form
  • Vehicle chosen and all numbers agreed upon
  • All of this in house the day before your appointment

Value Your Trade

If you are looking for a where to sell your current vehicle, our dealership can help. We will give you a fair estimate of what your vehicle is worth, helping you get into a model that better fits your needs. Gone are the days of dealing with strangers from internet or newspaper ads, our friendly and professional team will inspect your vehicle and make the best offer that we can.

Personalize Payments

Our finance team will take all of the time necessary to help you get a payment that will fit within your budget. All of the options will be laid out in front of you, helping you decide if it is better to loan or lease, and to help you through similar choices. When you have an idea of what your payments will look like, it will be easier to make the final decision.

Prequalify For Credit

Determining your credit status will help us get the financing options that work the best for you. Prequalification helps us point you in the right direction of a vehicle that will be within your budget, and speeds up the process so that you can spend more time looking for a new vehicle instead of sitting in an office.

Apply For Credit

Our simple application makes it easy to get moving towards the financing options that would be right for you. Once you have it all filled out, one of our experts will contact you and go over the options, helping you realize which can be the best for the model that you are interested in. This process reduces a lot of stress because you will know every payment option before moving forward with buying a vehicle.

Select Protection Plans

Extra warranty plans and keeping your vehicle covered if there is an unexpected issue can instill confidence in drivers. Being prepared for anything that happens – planned or unplanned – will ease a lot of stress from your life. You can choose vehicle protection plans, service contracts, and more, helping you be prepared for whatever comes your way.

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