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Lee’s Summit Tire Shop

When you’re in need of tire service for your Honda, the tire center at Lee’s Summit Honda has you covered. The expert technicians at our Honda tire center can help you with a complete range of tire services whether you’re looking for tire upgrades and replacements, tire rotations, and air leak repairs. Plus, we offer an extensive selection of tires in stock — from all-season tires to all-terrain tires to summer tires — from Honda and other trusted manufacturers to ensure we have tires readily available for your Honda. Schedule a service appointment at Lee’s Summit Honda and let our team help keep your Honda performing at its peak. You can also get directions to our tire center in Lee’s Summit, MO, and visit us at your convenience. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to assist when you contact us online or by phone at (816) 208-8863.

Lee’s Summit Honda Tire Center

The tire center at Lee’s Summit Honda is ready to help you ensure your tires are in their best possible condition. Our comprehensive services include tire inspections, replacements, leak repairs, rotations, and tire balancing. You can schedule an appointment or simply stop by during our business hours when it’s convenient for you.

Looking for a specific tire size, width, or type? Our parts team can help you find the correct tires and if necessary, we can order them for you, too.

Tire Maintenance Tips

There are several ways to maintain your tires and keep an eye on their condition so you know when it’s time to replace them. Here are several ways you can maintain your tires and check their condition on your own.

Keep a healthy tread depth

Your tires' tread depth should be above 1.6 millimeters (two-thirds of an inch) at all times. It’s a good idea to check your tire tread frequently. This can be as simple as a quick glance before you get behind the wheel each day. If any of your tires have smooth tread, appear flat, have bulges, or show metal cords, then it is imperative that you get your tires checked by a professional as soon as possible. Please never run your hand along the tread, as sharp objects can become lodged and concealed between the tread.

Keep your tires properly inflated

Proper tire inflation can help provide optimal traction, handling, and fuel economy. Tires should be inflated to factory standards, which can be found in your owner’s manual or on the driver’s side door jamb of your vehicle. Avoid driving with over- or under-inflated tires. Check your tire pressure — when they’re cold — before long trips and every few hundred miles. Most recent-year Honda models include a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), but if your particular model does not, it’s practical to keep a tire pressure gauge in your vehicle at all times.

Find Tires by Vehicle or Size

If you’re looking for a specific tire, whether for a particular vehicle or wheel size, our professionals can assist you with locating the tires you need. For tires by vehicle, you’ll want to have the year, make, and model of the vehicle handy. For tires by size, be sure to have the wheel size available. Our team can help you find the appropriate information when you call us at (816) 208-8863.

Parts & Service Specials

Shopping for new tires, parts, or other services and would love an opportunity to save on your purchase? Take advantage of attractive deals with our current parts specials and service specials. Our specials rotate, so be sure to check back often for additional savings.

Why Visit Our Auto Service Center?

When you visit the Lee’s Summit Honda tire center, you’ll have peace of mind that the tires you purchase and the services you receive are high quality. Our Honda tire center features a vast inventory of OEM-approved tires from Honda and other trusted manufacturers to ensure we can provide tires for most Honda models. And if you need assistance finding the most suitable tires for your needs, our expert service team will gladly help you.

Tires in Lee’s Summit, MO

Let Lee’s Summit Honda be your go-to source for tires — visit our Honda tire center in Lee’s Summit, MO, for tire services and replacements, as well as shop our selection of tires for sale. If you would like to schedule a service appointment or have questions, our team can assist when you call us at (816) 208-8863.